20 Apr 2020
U16 Basketball Season 2019-2020

A Captain's View- Sam Morris

I can report back on a highly successful season for the U16 basketball team.

Coming off a strong season last year where we fell one game short of a championship win in the final, losing to a highly skilled St Thomas Aquinas, we started this season’s training off high in confidence. After several training sessions shaking off the rust of the holidays we came to our first fixtures of the season in the form of a tournament at the fortress, the Camp Hill Sports Hall. With the prospect of 4 games, we were excited to get stuck in, but also wary of the old enemy, St Thomas Aquinas but also a new opponent Aston Manor, who were led by a few players I knew from club level, one of whom plays in the England Basketball set-up.This set-up a stellar first game against Aston Manor, in which we were leading for large portions of the game but just fell short and lost 10 - 16. The remaining 3 games of the tournament resulting in 2 wins and 1 loss leaving our season record at 2 - 2. Top scorers at this tournament were myself with 14, Mustafa Shoukat with 10 and Joe Day with 8. Next came a full 40 minute game against Shenley Academy where our superior skill shined through and the gulf in quality between us and them was obvious with Camp Hill winning by 41 points to 11. Impressive scoring tallies from Mustafa with 15 and Joe and Myself both with 10. The final game of the season came against Kings Norton where it was much of the same story with Camp Hill dominating Kings Norton with the final score being 45 - 18 to Camp Hill. Mustafa scored 16 this game with myself scoring 14 and everyone else chipping in with 2 or 4 points each.

To finish this article, I’d like to reflect on an amazing season. Everyone in the team constantly chipped into the scoring showing how well-rounded we are and some players did things you don’t see on the scoresheet. For example Omaree Johnson’s rebounding masterclass all season provided plenty of opportunity for himself and others to score. Finally a couple of words of thanks, firstly to Mr Burgess for organising our games and also refereeing and coaching us at those games and secondly to the team which played amazingly all season, the finals of which were only cut short by the current pandemic. I’m certain we could have provided an upset against Aston Manor in the finals.