Match Report
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys Boys-U14A vs  Fairfax School
On: Saturday, 09 Oct 2021
Venue: at Home

It was a glistening Saturday morning as Camp Hill boys prepared for their first home match of the season. We played Fairfax Academy as we aimed to get our first win of the season. After a quick introduction to the opposition team for captain Kaaraj Chandock,we went straight into the match. Zion Osalase scored the first of its three tries as Camp Hill capitalised on a mistake by

Fairfax to open the scoring. Harith Kadir also scored his first of his three tries to make the score 2-0, before an action packed 10 minutes in which three tries were scored, 2 by Fairfax and one more by Camp Hill to make it 3-2 to us at halftime. After the break, and with a Scintillating team talk by Mr Taylor, we were inspired to hold our lead. We then conceded 1 and the match was tied. However, one highlight was sushruth Thammineni making a last ditch tackle to prevent us from conceding any further. We were then fired up and scored 2 and conceded one to make the game 5-4. Fairfax woke up and scored one more before the last 3 minutes to make it 5-5. With one minute on the clock, and with the dignity of Camp Hill on the line, Zion Osolase ran as if there was no tomorrow, dodging three tackles before scoring and completing his hat trick and therefore winning the game with seconds on the clock.

Made by Yahye Badeed (9S)